Group stage for the World Cup has ended for over a month now. Our VI managed to prove his strength and represent its country. Now, to Blizzcon ! But that’s not our topic today. We are here to put the light on the five other players able to get out of the pack during the trials. More or less known in the media, they deserve to step out of the shadow.

Asking, Dridro, Hyp, Kolsti, Shuh : this is the preselection of the French 12.

New “feature” this year : The birth of a national 12

Last year, the French team was made of 6 players only.

“Committees will submit their rosters, gathering up to 12 players, between June 15th and July 5th. Blizzard will contact players and committees of each team to keep 7 players who will attend the events offline.” as said on the Overwatch World Cup blog in March this year.

You’ve got it now, the new feature of this year is the addition of 5 players in pre-selection who benefited a mediatic support when the roster was announced. This was a way for them to be officially recognized by the committee, and this could be an asset to be recruited in new organizations or structures.

“My selection in the French team boosted my image, I did not recieve more offers, but the teams knew I was here, which was not always the case before. I was the only newcomer in this selection: Kolsti, dridro, Asking or HyP already played in Contenders.” Shuh

After several weeks of exhausting trials, here is the result

From an intense moment of joy for some…

“I was very happy obviously, it was a main goal for me.” HyP

“I was impatient to get the answer et when I got it, I felt I went a step forward. It was my first real achievement.” Shuh

To a moderate surprise for others who were confident…

“During the trials I felt confident and I thought I did a good job. So it was a good surprise but at the same time it wasn’t. My rivals for the tank role (BenBest, Chubz, SuperPlouk) all played very well.” Kolsti

But overall, an unfailing support from their communities, glad to see their favourite players grow like this.

“I’ve received a lot of supportive and boosting messages, in particular from other players I teamed up with during the trials and who believed in my potential.” Kolsti

Give to this pre-selection the means to grow as a player

What’s unknown to the public :  since only 7 players are authorized to go on events, how these 5 other competitors can benefit from the knowledge and bring their contribution to the team ?

DaemoN, during an interview (in French) on Zaroide’s channel explained his motto : “Via the trials or the French team, I want to give maximum experience and expertise for players of the French scene, so they can rise.”

After several months together, it’s time to see how it concretely goes. Players have the opportunity to watch the scrims and to exchange with DaemoN for strategic questions, placements,… Each player can see how the starter plays his role, as HyP and Shuh say, alongside Dridro.

“I’ve watched uNKOE play a lot obviously in order to see what I could learn from his playstyle to use it in my own style.” HyP

“I’ve learned a lot from those great players, in particular from Poko, as we’re playing the same role. I was impressed by Winz. Whatever people say about him, he shared with me his game sense and his veteran esport experience and I’m very grateful for that. I don’t talkabout the other players but they all taught me stuff in one way or another.” Shuh

A significant contribution of experience brought by the VI which receives in return feedbacks on strategies used.

“I’ve looked at scrims from time to time to give DaemoN insights or feedback on compositions, game plans or communication.” Kolsti

An explosive week-end in the Défense, Paris

What to feel aside the pride to see your country show such a good performance at home, in front of an amazing crowd. HyP was in the front row to support the French team and his teammate NiCO.

“They improve from game to game and it is pleasant to watch. I expected a 5/0 from them and they did it, cleanly and with a lot of positive aspects.” HyP

“The team played really solid with players comfortable in offline events. Maybe their dive comps were slightly underperforming but with NiCO 100% focused on Team France, the flex DPS role won’t be a problem anymore.” Kolsti

The next step now is Blizzcon, and the players are pretty confident. Predictable with a crushing 5/0 and this French domination. However the game will be difficult, there is no time to rest.

“The Canadian team is made of 4 Overwatch League players and 2 top Contenders players. I’m convinced that DaemoN will prepare the team as needed. Everyone will work hard to get that victory.” Shuh

Where are these players today ?

Asking was officially announced by Toronto Esports and will play Contenders season 3 with them in North America
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Dridro was announced by Samsung MorningStars and will play Contenders season 3 in Europe
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HyP won Contenders S2 Europe with Eagle Gaming, and is now a member of the fresh new Paris OWL squad.
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Kolsti plays for Shu’s Money Crew for a while and won Europe Open Division season 3
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Shuh is currently looking for a team, but news should arrive shortly.
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We talk a lot about the VI of France, but let’s not forget those competitors who do everything to reach their highest level of play in the game.

Written by @NannaOW
Translated into English by @ChabaLoutre