Once upon a time, the Overwatch French Team 2018.
Among its selection, a DPS player.
A big Widow and Tracer player.

It is Terence “SoOn” Tarlier.


Source : Blizzard Entertainment

September 29th 2016, at ELEAGUE Arena. Lijiang Tower, control center. Misfits leads 2 to 1 against EnvyUs and 2 to 1 on the current map. Nevix throws a Graviton Surge.
Before dying from Cocco’s Graviton, SoOn throws his pulse bomb inside Nevix’s ultimate. He kills three players, and kills EnvyUs’ victory chances. For the second time in the Overwatch history, EnvyUS, the giant, was taken down, this time by the young talents from Misfits.

Among them, there was SoOn.

Born on February 4th 1994, SoOn spent a standard childhood, but surrounded by video games. Christophe Tarlier is his father and at his time, he was a big computer and video games fanatic. Today, Christophe is also in esports as he founded his own association : Area Esport. A passion he transmitted to his son, and with good reason. SoOn owns a professional degree “Digital electronic systems”. He chose to pursue with an electronic systems BTEC. His growth as a person got along with his studies. Until Overwatch.
But let’s begin with the beginning. He was four when he started playing on his father’s computer, which did not last because he would get his first PC at five.

And not to play any game.

SoOn made his first steps on Quake 3 with his dad. Quake is one of the most iconic titles of fast multiplayer FPS, one of the first esport games, which still lives today with Quake Champions. So he trained on FPS, with his family. What’s better than playing with your father to forge and sharpen a competitive spirit ?
It’s not his only shot at FPS games though. Battlefield, Call of Duty… the classics. He tried them. And did not hesitate to play those during LANs. But watch out, LANs in the past were not like the ones we know these days. We came there to play and to have fun, it was not about performance or money. But still, every big title of the video game industry of the moment was here : Quake, Counter-Strike, Age of Empires…

Speaking of Counter-Strike, does this name remind you of something ? I hope so. It’s THE FPS reference, in which SoOn would eventually be dragged into, with the release of Counter-Strike Source, one of the few games bought by his parents. They did not buy him games, making him play free games MMO-FPS style, something not so popular today.
To make it simple, it was his first big competitive experience. He already played a lot after class, and it grew. At this moment, esport began to be serious and so did the LANs. Events he kept attending to, aside his studies.
SoOn’s first career choice was a game change. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was about to be released and at the same time, ShootMania was brought out by Nadeo.
Two choices came to him: follow his path on CS:GO or try to take the ShootMania journey.
He elected ShootMania and the new challenge brought to him. It was less risky than CS:GO, a game probably full of Counter-Strike veterans, making it difficult to make a name for himself. ShootMania was an opportunity, and he took it.

Sources : ESWC and Lanf3ust (team aAa)

Quickly, he met his forever friend, Benjamin “unKoe” Chevasson, one of his well-known teammates on ShootMania, and was noticed in the competitive environment. A nice start for his career, which was ready to grow more and more.
During the ShootMania era, Overwatch was in the plans in Blizzard HQ and when it came out in 2016, esport became the real deal. Only one question remained in SoOn’s mind : continue his master degree in electronics or put his studies away to try this new FPS.

You know the answer. And it concludes the first chapter of our story and opens the second.

Terence’s Overwatch debut were not the most popular, especially his first in-game role. SoOn didn’t begin as a DPS player: he loved playing Zarya and Roadhog. Yes, 2016 SooN wanted to play as an off-tank. We could have seen an other version of Poko but fate has decided otherwise.
Alongside unKoe, he joined his first team, a roster with a few french players, with HAL, Stermy, aKm and Winz. This team will not last and a second one will rise with those names :

aKm, winz, Kryw, nadir, unKoe, SoOn.

Overwatch beginning did not have defined roles for a team. Everybody wanted to take a shot a playing DPS and this team was no exception.
Sacrifices were necessary, and it was unKoe and winz who made them. unKoe wanted to play as a DPS but decided in the end to be a support. SoOn stayed as an off-tank, because as his teammate unKoe, he did not really care about his role at this moment. Winz made his fisrt steps on Lucio in the meantime.
The training began and one player was already bored: winz. Switching roles was not an issue for SoOn, who traded his role with winz, resulting on this: Terence was now on Lucio and winz on off-tank. Despite a short run with this team, Kryw and SoOn stayed together for a while.
The Graviton Surge squad was built by the future eagle. But SoOn would not play neither off-tank or support.

Kryw offered him a DPS position.

They will be joined in the first place by kr4tosdigga, Skipjack, Nevix and Zebbosai, those two Swedes playing in Overwatch League at the moment. This team will be signed a few weeks later by the Misfits organization, now in Overwatch League under the banner of Florida Mayhem. But sadly, loads of internal issues led to many players change and worse, replacements just for the Overwatch Open 2016, one of the biggest events of the Overwatch first months.
A third frenchman will join the team: Hidan, a support player. Skipjack left and was replaced by ryb.
With those changes, the team charged into Overwatch Open 2016. A defining moment for SoOn’s career.

It was his first major victory, and not the littlest.

Their only defeat was in group stage, against the half-french half-swedish iteration of Rogue, with the frenchmen aKm, winz, unKoe and KnoxXx. They will get their revenge against Rogue in a very close game ending on a 3-2.
EnVyUs was waiting for them in the finals Europe versus North America. EnVyUs were Overwatch semi-gods at this moment, known as unbeatable. To put some numbers to support these words: fifty-seven games won in a row. Not maps, GAMES.

Who will stop this frenzy ? Rogue themselves. Just a month before this tournament.
And there will be no second frenzy.

Because Misfist will beat them three to one.
Just like Rogue, Misfits became legendary by being one of the only teams defeating the american organization.

Source : Blizzard Entertainment

This Misfits squad will not stay together for long. One of the most interesting moments of Overwatch esport happened, with a three-way exchange.

Main actors ? Rogue, Luminosity and Misfits.
Movements ? Misfits became a full swedish squad with TviQ and Reinforce coming in.
Luminosity grabbed to frenchmen from the bunny squad: Hidan and Kry.
Rogue was very close to become fully french, with the arrival of SoOn and Skipjack.

The German guy stayed only for one tournament, then he was sold to Laser Kittenz.
Who replaced him ? Not a tank. A DPS: NiCO.

Rogue reached its final form.
The 6 was born.
Born to dominate.

Source : avecle6

With Rogue, SoOn dominated all the Western teams. For Korean, it did not work, especially the APX Season 3 run, with a group stage elimination.
However, it will be followed by the 2017 World Cup. SoOn played it for France with all the Rogue squad. A fourth place after a defeat against South Korea in semifinals and against Sweden for the bronze medal will be his result.
Rogue fell apart shortly after this World Cup, which stands for their last tournament together.

But SoOn’s career was just beginning.

The Overwatch League is waiting for him, LA Valiant is waiting for him. With his partner unKoe, they are hired by the angel organization.
SoOn came to LA Valiant as a DPS, his main role. The season did not start as expected but it improved with the 18th anniversary of SPACE and the arrival of Custa, traded with unKoe, his forever teammate.

But the addition who changed SoOn’s playstyle was Bunny. The Korean was a stunning Tracer player, which made Terence try harder on Widowmaker.
LA Valiant are now going for a playoff run in Overwatch League. We can assume things went well.

This DPS role of SoOn has, in the end, came here kind of randomly. He started by playing off-tank, than sacrificed himself to play support. He was offered to play DPS and it worked.He kept going on this path, playing mainly hitscan characters: Tracer, Soldier, Widowmaker, heroes that can put a Pharah down. Especially Widowmaker at the moment, a hero who decides the fate of some fights just by picking an opponent or winning a sniper duel.

DPS, a role SoOn will play for France for the second time.
Terence is back AvecLe6 this year, and will show the best of himself, for France and for victory.

Overwatch League. World Cup. SoOn at the top.
It’s Terence “SoOn” Tarlier’s journey.
His story.

Written by @HammerKick_OW with the help of SoOn himself
Assisted and corrected by @NannaOW
Translated into English by @ChabaLoutre