Once upon a time, there was the Overwatch French Team 2018
Among its selection, a divine tank
The Nation’s shield

It’s Benjamin “BenBest” Dieulafait

Source: aAa

Today’s May 7th 2017 in the beautiful city of Tours, hosting the DreamHack and a BYOC Overwatch LAN [Bring Your Own Computer, the players bring their stuff, writer’s note]. GamersOrigin and LDLC are battling for a spot in the finals and the game begins with two close maps resulting in two wins for the blue fox organization. The finals are only one step ahead but GamersOrigin start a reverse sweep and are able to come back two to two. The teams have to fight on Anubis Temple to decide who goes on to the finals.
This match point is eventually won by GamersOrigin. One of the biggest reverse sweeps of the French scene just occurred, and a new page of Overwatch’s history has been written. This team won’t stop here and will win the tournament, destroying the finals. Third title for them in 2017.

GamersOrigin’s main tank was none other than BenBest.

Born on November 17th 1995, BenBest mainly spent his youth in Nice. He also travelled a lot with his family but it was not his only area of interest. Indeed, very young, Benjamin quickly focused on sports.Thing is :  his family was quite sporty, so it wasn’t so puzzling that he followed his parents’ footsteps. Unlike most of the esports players, BenBest did not grow in the videogame universe. His parents were very strict about this and FIFA was the only game he could play. The Dieulafait family was here to keep the son focused on his studies and his activites in sports. After validating his bachelor’s degree in sciences, he pursued his studies in a sports university for three years. As a real sportsman, and taught to be one, his path was clear and he never slided away from it. He tried to be a professional athlete in a few sports. He started with judo during a short time only to go on with football for about ten years. His first competitive experience did not please him, especially the other players’ mindset. He decided to switch from football to handball. He enjoyed this sport a lot and he felt talented enough to catch up with the national level. We can almost say that in a parallel universe Benjamin Dieulafait could have represented France in handball… But in our timeline, fate has been otherwise. Benjamin ended up losing the will to commit in this sport.

Nonetheless today he keeps playing handball for fun and he works out and runs to stay in shape. All of his sports experiences developed BenBest’s mental strength and have introduced in him ethics and a healthy lifestyle. Everything he learned has been put into practice very quickly. But esports were waiting for him at the corner, promising him a great career.

In 11th grade, BenBest discovers League of Legends. During his first League year, he played it for fun with a competitive spirit. He reaches master rank and when he arrives at university, he decides to get more into it. BenBest finally got into a world whose doors were closed before.
Playing this game, his milestone was Challenge France 2015. And there he clicked, esports was an adventure with a future and he committed more and more, keeping his studies at the same time. His passion for the game lasted for a moment but eventually wore out, which ended Benjamin’s League of Legends career mid 2016.

At this time Overwatch came out.

BenBest played it very early. When Overwatch League and esports plans were announced late 2016, he chose to spend most of his time on it. Offers started to arrive pretty quickly.
His first experiences in team were with Noki, Lucio player and future recruit of GamersOrigin at this time. This guy is now retired from Overwatch and plays PUBG.
At first in French squads, the two players decided to tryout for stronger european organizations, bringing along a third frenchman: Osnazeni. The second part of his career on Overwatch began when Noki was hired by GamersOrigin. The organization was making itself a name on the european scene with a fully French roster.
The departure of Kolsti to the Movistar Riders left a vacant spot for a tank player and BenBest was chosen to replace him. This is how his journey began with GamersOrigin, and it was a sweet one.
Between bootcamps, LANs and practice time, he couldn’t find the time to study anymore and decided to stop them all. At this moment, BenBest became an athlete. His education led him into this path and sports stays an activity he practices alongside his professional life. His career took a decisive turn when he joined GamersOrigin.

Players of this team all had the same goal: make a name for themselves. Nowadays two of them has put their Overwatch carrier to an end : Narwak and Noki. But not the three other who are still in this race, playing for quite well known teams. HyP, selected in the final twelve of the World Cup French team, is a member of Eagle Gaming, alongside Leaf, his former GamersOrigin teammate. The last player is none other than Poko, playing for the Philadelphia Fusion and member the French 6 for the World Cup. You’ll discover his story soon on this website!

BenBest’s reputation didn’t take long to build itself, as he became one of the best main tanks according to the French observers, with brilliant victories. His first LAN took place in Melun, at the GWinterFest 2017. The next one will be the Montpellier Esport Show, with his first big stage appearence against LDLC in the finals. The fox squad is at this moment the biggest european rival of GamersOrigin. The boys in blue count among their players some known ones like the frenchmen KabaL and NokSs. BenBest and his teammates will go back home with 3000€ beating the foxes 3-1.

The next tournament was even more decisive for Benjamin’s career: DreamHack Tours 2017.

From May 6th to 8th, this town in the center of France hosted the DreamHack, as usual since these last years. Overwatch was there and loads of French squads answered the call: LDLC, Mantic0re, unKnights, Oserv and GamersOrigin. There was also a mix of players you may know: the Garbage Boyz, with Flippy, MarineLorD, moonL (when he was a player), Lilbow, Kryw et Jio. All of them except Jio participated in Contenders Europe Season 1. With LDLC and GamersOrigin, they were the favourites of the LAN.
The double elimination playoffs saw the formation of a top 3 and surprise, with the three teams above ! GamersOrigin and LDLC fight for a spot in the finals, in the last round of the winner bracket. LDLC was at this time a fully french squad, KabaL being the only survivor of the Montpellier Esports Show. Some names could ring a bell: Hqrdest, Chubz, Baud, PiPou and WoRsS. All of them except WoRsS played in Contenders Europe Season 1.
LDLC started strongly, with two close wins in the first two maps. GamersOrigin will win the third map 3-1 on Nepal and stun the foxes 3-0 on Lijiang Tower.
Then comes Anubis Temple. The two teams succeed to attack but it’s GamersOrigin who will take the egyptian map 3-2 and the whole series 3-2. It was not expected. A burst of joy rang out in the room, especially from BenBest. To top it all off, the rival teams were set side by side with only a little alley to separate them. The atmosphere was electric.
LDLC will fall – a real surprise this time – against the Garbage Boyz mix in the loser bracket finals. On the main stage for the grand finals, GamersOrigin will win again a french LAN beating this mix. The organization climbed to the french top, alongside Rogue who was dominating the European scene.

Source : Millenium and DreamHack

This event allowed BenBest to be known on a larger scale. He became progressively one of the best tanks on the european scene.

Speaking of the european scene, Contenders were on their way. GamersOrigin made some adjustments in the roster but kept BenBest. Sadly they won’t reach the playoffs, neither in season 1 in September. After an other tournament win at Paris Games Week, Poko joined Philadelphia Fusion. GamersOrigin split few weeks after this departure.

A fresh French team emerged from the separation of GamersOrigin, LDLC and Rogue, named Eagle Gaming. BenBest did the tryouts but was not hired in the squad… This tough blow made him question himself, hesitating between his studies and his esports career.

You know his choice: as we speak BenBest is the main tank of Young and Beautiful in Contenders Europe Season 2 2018, joining the squad during the first season, resulting in a top 8.

A main tank role he kept during all his career on Overwatch. He has to maintain the frontline, to protect his mates or to charge in the fight to create some space. Unlike a DPS player, it needs an excellent gamesense, a great overall vision and a good communication. Those are qualities BenBest developed playing League of Legends. When he started playing Overwatch, he knew he wouldn’t be in a good spot if he played DPS because he never tried other FPS games before unlike other players. That’s why he chose to be a tank. His mental strength he got from his sports experiences, his game vision brought by his time on League of Legends served him very well and very quickly. His favourite character is Reinhardt, just like our community leader Troma. This hero fits him perfectly: whether about gameplay or game intelligence, it requires to master it to play it at the highest level. His earthshatters have shaken a lot of players and it’s nowhere near an end.

Because today, he’s in the frontline for France.
For his first selection in the World Cup French Team, this player has nothing to lose and everything to win.

Straight out of the Contenders, young and beautiful.
A sportsman soul, a true competitor.
Everything is possible, as he would say “Dieu l’a fait”
It’s his story.

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Written by @HammerKick_OW with the help of BenBest
Assisted and corrected by @NannaOW
Translated in english by @ChabaLoutre